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Salon 29 at Main

The Menu?

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Please note that prices have gone up; we will update menu prices shortly. Thank you for your patience.
We have a lot to offer you at Salon 29. Take a few moments to read over our menu. There is definitely something for you here and if you do not see it, call us or send an e-mail to make a suggestion.

Manicures and Pedicures

All manicures & pedicures include nail shaping and polish.

“Bella Mani at Main“- Six step spa manicure giving the Skin a “lift” for younger looking hands. Heated mitts enhance this service. Relaxing massage compliments the Bella Mani. $27.00

Add Lemon Skin Lightening to the Bella Mani or as a stand alone service. This service helps to lighten pigmentation, age spots and works best with the Mango Hand Peel. $8.00

“Main” Manicure- Shape, polish, cuticle treatment, massage and any glue repairs. $19.00

Mini Mani-Shape, polish & cuticle shaping. $13.00

“MAN”icure at Main-Fine tune those hands and nails. Cuticle care, massage, shape and buff nails. $19.00

Please bring sandals

“Main” Pedicure- Relaxing heat and vibrating foot bath. Massage includes calves, ankles, feet & toes. Nail and cuticle shaping, polish & finished with cuticle oil. $29.00

Mini Pedi- Refreshing antiseptic to refresh feet before service, cuticle care; shape & polish toenails. $19.00


Peaches and Cream--Wine and Roses--Chocolate Mint- $35.00


Artificial Enhancements

Š  Specializing in GEL Enhancements Š

Full Set of Gels- Considered to be most like natural nails. Applied over nails either sculpted or with tips. Much thinner and more natural looking than acrylic. ODOR FREE. $45.00

Pink and Whites $50.00

Full set of acrylic $45.00

Acrylic Pink and Whites $50.00

Silk Wraps or Fiberglass Wraps $45.00

 Refills and Repairs

Each refill includes ONE complimentary repair. This is a chip or break and NOT a new/full nail.

Gel, acrylic and wrap refills $27.00

Pink and White refill (rebalance) $32.00

New nail- Sculpted or tip $4.00


Natural nail repair w/silk & resin -$3.00

Power mani-resin coating -add $5.00

Two Color polish -add $3.00

Polish change- $10.00

Artificial removal by soaking- $15.00

MMA removal- $25.00

Temporary Tips- proms/homecoming, etc- $35.00

Nail art- Priced by design

Š Š For Nailbiters--For those who are SERIOUS about breaking the nail biting habit. Price and maintenance to be discussed with me. Š Š


Professional Skin Care Services

Salon 29 “Main Event”- Head to toe indulgence with a relaxing facial, followed

Salon 29 at “Main Event”- Head to toe indulgence with a relaxing facial, followed by a Bella Mani hand and nail treatment, then off to a Peaches and Cream pedicure. Approximately 3 hours. Take home a mini bottle of Lavender Hand Protection Cream and a Dermalogica sample facial cleanser. $125.00

--Make it an ULTIMATE MAIN EVENT experience by adding an aromatherapy massage $195.00

Salon 29 Pamper Me- Soothing facial designed for your skin type followed with a Bella Mani hand and nail treatment. Take home a Dermalogica Facial sample product. $90.00

Salon 29 Pamper Me 2- Soothing facial aimed at your skin type and end with a specialty pedicure. Choose from the Specialty Pedicure menu. Take home a Dermalogica sample. $95.00


Ménage-à-Spa- NEW “three way treatment.” Three services in one appointment! Choose from:

Facial, hand and foot treatment- $100.00

Facial, hand and back treatment $110.00

If you would like a pumpkin peel or hydroxy treatment, add $25. (these are wonderful for aging skin--over 40 skin!)


Salon 29 Customized- Deep cleansing facial tailored to YOUR skin type. A perfect combination of cleansing, massage, exfoliation, masque, toner & moisturizer. $55.00

Multivitamin Power Treatment-The latest in vitamin repair and hydroxy acid exfoliation, this treatment is designed to treat prematurely aging skin conditions. Non irritating power exfoliation and a vitamin recovery masque to noticeably improve skin elasticity, tone and texture. For optimum results, this treatment should be given in bi-monthly increments for six treatments. Includes Exfoliant Accelerant!! -$70.00 per treatment OR $400 for a pre-paid package of 6 treatments

Hydroxy Acid Exfoliation Treatment- Dermalogica’s Skin Exfoliant System will unveil remarkable results after just one treatment! Hydroxy acids and enzymes thoroughly remove dulling surface debris, stimulating cell renewal and leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. (not to be used on those sensitive to sulfur.) Best results will be seen when given in bi-monthly increments for six treatments. Includes Exfoliant Accelerant!! $70.00 per treatment OR $400.00 for a pre-paid package of 6

Medicated Clearing Treatment- Extraction Facial- Breakouts have finally met their match!! Our Medicated Clearing Treatment will focus on purifying your skin with deep cleansing, followed by extractions. Direct High Frequency will be used to help speed along the healing process of breakouts. Great for teens! -- $68. 00

Pumpkin Facial-Your skin will never feel the same after the Pumpkin Facial. A wonderful salicylic acid peel that rejuvinates your skin and helping to reduce the fine lines of aging. Followed by a cooling lemon masque, an experience that will have you feeling as if you had teen-age skin again.


… helps to improve: fine lines and wrinkles; sun damaged skin; oily and acne prone skin; enlarged pores; age spots and hyper pigmentation…leaving your face looking smoother, softer and younger.

Š Aluminum Oxide crystals are projected to the surface of your skin removing environmental pollutants and dead/dying cells from the outer region of the skin called the epidermis. The crystals and exfoliated skin are then vacuumed back through the hand piece to a waste canister.

Š Increased blood circulation to the skin helps to encourage the growth of new skin cells as well as collagen and elastins that give a toned and firm look to the skin.

Š With the removal of the first few layers of the epidermis, the newly exposed skin cells quickly become visible on the surface of the skin, giving new radiance to your face.

Š Microdermabrasion treatments take about 45 minutes and optimally done every 10 to 14 days. A series of 6-8 treatments is usually required to achieve maximum results. A treatment every two to three month will help to maintain your results.

Microdermabrasion treatment- $100.00 when purchased separately. A pre-paid package of six- $550.00.


Specializing in shaping to compliment eyes

 Eyebrow shaping- first time shaping $15.00

 Maintenance brow waxing $10.00

 Upper Lip $8.00

 Combo eye & lip $15.00

Chin $8.00

* Sides of face $12.00

Combination eye, lip and chin $23.00

* Bikini $25.00 & up

* High Bikini Line $30.00 & up

* Brazilian $60.00 & up

* Arms- full - $30.00

*Half arms $15.00


* Half legs $30.00

*Back- $40.00 & up 

*Underarm $15.00

*Excessive hair removal subject to slightly higher rates.*

Trimming-- add $5.00


Eyebrow Tinting-- $15.00

 Makeup Application-- $30.00

 Trial Makeup-- $20.00

Add false eyelashes to makeup application- $10.00 (will look natural once applied)

NO trial makeup on Fridays or Saturdays

Massage Therapy

Half hour $35.00

One hour $50.00


  Gift Certificates For All Occasions!!!

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers,

Christmas or “Just Because.”

NO SHOWS on gift certificates will forfeit the certificate. Gift certificate cancellations require a 24 hour notice.

A 50% non-refundable deposit for all packages is due when making an appointment and when there is more than one appointment made. (bridal parties, etc.)

Salon 29 accepts VISA and Mastercard

Salon 29 
* 229 Main Street 
* East Greenville * PA * 18041
* 215-541-9029