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Salon 29 at Main

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Do you like to save money? Do you like things for FREE? Ask me about our referral program at your first appointment!

How would you like $5.00 off a service? Or better yet, a FREE service? By using our referral system, all you need to do is refer three new clients. That will get you five dollars off your service after they come in for their appointment.
Free service? Refer FIVE new clients and they need to make and keep two appointments. Once they do this, you will receive your free service. It is THAT simple!
(Free service is the service you receive the most at Salon 29. If nine out of ten of YOUR appointments are manicures and one is a massage, you will receive a manicure free!)

Ask for our red referral cards at your appointment.


The more clients you refer, the more YOU save!

Salon 29 
* 229 Main Street 
* East Greenville * PA * 18041
* 215-541-9029