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Salon 29 at Main

About Me

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This is my opportunity to introduce you me and learn a bit about me before you come here. Your comfort is an important part of the success of my business.

Lynnette Madden
Esthetician--Nail Technician

with my granddaughters

Lynnette’s “Nail Tips”

Any product applied to your nails should not be stronger than your own nails. You are getting nail ENHANCMENTS--not nail REPLACEMENTS. If you had a product on that was stronger than your own nails, then you most likely had MMA on your nails. (see the link to "What is on your nails" to find out about MMA)

or click the link below:

WHAT is on YOUR nails?

Please DO NOT leave the salon if your service was not to your liking. Please inform me before polishing if there is something you would like changed or if you see any flaws. I want you to be happy with your nails and once you leave, I assume you are.

**Your artificial nails may seem stronger than your own, but they can still break and separate. There are NO guarantees on your own nails; there are NO guarantees on the enhancements. Use them wisely.

***NO REFUNDS***To help maintain Artificial Nails, here are some things to remember: Nails are JEWELS, not tools!!!

** NEVER use your nails as tools such as screwdrivers, toothpicks, can openers, scrapers, etc…

** NEVER tap nails on any surface. Tapping could lift the nail and may cause hairline cracks that will eventually cause the nails to break and lift.

** Wear gloves to clean. This includes normal housecleaning, dishes, etc.

** No more than 2 weeks for fills. The longer they grow out, the easier they will lift and separate from the natural nail.

***There is also a $5.00 per week over 2 for fills, plus the cost of breaks.***

** It is pertinent to use the cuticle oil I recommend every day to moisturize & hydrate to keep nails from lifting.

Thank you for choosing Salon 29 at Main for your manicuring and facial services. I am dual LICENSED as a Nail Technician and Esthetician and the Salon is LICENSED in Pennsylvania.

My name is Lynnette Madden. I am married, have 3 children, two granddaughters & two Yorkies. In my “spare” time I write & have been active in my school district and community.

I am involved with a diverse group of nail technicians and Estheticians from around the world, utilizing the Internet as our means of communication. I take classes whenever possible to keep up with all the trends pertaining to nails and skin. I was an educator for an international nail company with a varied selection of nail products, including a men’s line.

I contribute to NAILS magazine for the professional nail tech. Ask to see my articles and professional advice. I placed 6th at the 2005 Orlando Nailpro Competition. This I am very proud of, as it was my first competition. (you can see the nails I did on Amy on the first page of the website) I also received Honorable Mention in Beautytech’s 2000 Enhancement contest. I also placed 2nd in another Beautytech Competition. You can see these nails on my website. 

First and foremost it is my goal to make YOUR hands, nails and skin not only look good, but to keep them HEALTHY. I use only products that are approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology and the FDA. I do not use products containing MMA. (If you want to know more about MMA, I can explain it during your service and you cna find more information on MMA on this website)

If your hands & skin are not becoming to you- ......

YOU should be coming to ME!!!

Please be on time for your appointments. I will apologize profusely if I am running behind for any reason. If you are more than five minutes late for your appointment, YOU will forfeit the final step which is polishing. If you need to reschedule, PLEASE give me at least 24 hours notice that I may fill the time slot. See policy about no show and late cancellations.

Any Gift certificate appointments that do not show for their scheduled time will forfeit the certificate.

No Shows are a NO GO!!

Salon 29 
* 229 Main Street 
* East Greenville * PA * 18041
* 215-541-9029